July 26, 2014

If you look around at the state of modern fitness today then you can’t help but conclude that ‘extreme’ is the only way to go. Every program promises to revolutionize your life in under X number of days. To help you drop more weight than you might think is humanly possible and to do so by putting you through ‘punishing’ routines that will force your body to perform at levels it never has before.

Rethink fitness with Tai Cheng

Take a moment, and ask yourself: does this sound like a healthy way to approach fitness? Is extreme the only way to go, is it even the best way? What might the consequences be for your joints, your heart, your general health if you thrust yourself into the most extreme program out there? Is there no other way to approach health, no better and wiser manner to take care of your body? There is, and Mark Cheng will soon be offering the option to grow healthy in a wise manner through his partnership with Beachbody as they play to release Tai Cheng, a fantastic new way to grow fit through the ancient practice of Tai Chi.

How can Tai Chi help you grow fit, lose weight, and become truly healthy?

To answer that question we have to take a look at the practice of Tai Chi itself, a martial art that dates back for millennia and is practiced today for health reasons by millions. Have no doubt that Tai Chi is in fact a martial art, but is one that has been slowed down, studied and perfected so that each movement is deliberate, powerful, and deeply impacting for your body.

When we talk about fitness, everybody almost always fixates on the size of their muscles and how much body fat they are carrying around as if there were nothing else to being fit. We know better. Our bodies are incredibly complex machines, and if we are to be truly healthy than we need to look beyond the size of our biceps and instead to other, less obvious systems such as that of our flexibility, our balance, or joint strength, our core strength, and our general well being.

Now, Mark Cheng’s system will indeed help you lose weight and gain in strength, but it won’t do so by smashing your body into a brutal training regimen. Instead he will lead it naturally into these states of improved harmony in a manner that reduces the impacts sustained by your joints, that strengthens your tendons and sinews so that they can continue to grow stronger and sustain more intense workouts as you go.

Who is Dr. Mark Cheng?

He is a world renowned kettlebell trainer who studied under one of Bruce Lee’s greatest disciples, and now leads workshops in strength and fitness training around the work. He specializes in rehabilitative fitness, RKC System strength training, and Chinese martial arts through his private medical institute in California. Trained in Chinese traditional medicine and an accomplished master of Tai Chi, Dr. Mark Cheng brings his knowledge, experience, and expertise to others through a variety of different venues. Through all of them however he approaches his practice in a clear, simple, and focused manner, helping others achieve tangible results while respecting and taking care of their bodies.

What are the results that you will be able to expect through Tai Cheng? Think of your body as a car. While the engine and the gasoline are what people traditionally focus on, Tai Cheng will work at strengthening the frame of the car, the actual body on which the engine sits so that it can take corners at high speeds, respond to commands with fluid ease and support the strain demanded of it by a powerful engine. Were you to focus solely on strength then it would be akin to placing a powerful engine in a weak car, resulting in injury and ruin. Instead, Tai Cheng will improve your health and general fitness by focusing on your balance, flexibility, core strength, power, and joints.

Dr. Mark Cheng’s Tai Cheng is not a revolutionary approach to fitness because it is in fact an ancient one, a method perfected over thousands of years and which has helped its practitioners achieve long lasting health that will sustain them not just for a year or two of peak conditioning but for the rest of their long lives.