July 24, 2014

Buying Slim in 6? Read This Report First!

It seems like the whole world is caught up in extreme workout fever. Like the only way to get healthy is to punish yourself and put yourself through hell. Gone is the wisdom of a gradual workout that will help your body prepare itself for a lifetime of health and exercise. All but gone, however, for Slim in 6 has displayed that its six week method has the goods, that its gentle approach delivers results, and that if the goal of any workout is to help people achieve results they never could have imagined, then Slim in 6 is absolutely the way to go. What is Slim in 6? Who is it for? How does it stack up against the other workouts, and more importantly, is it for you?

What is Slim in 6

Slim in 6 is a flexible workout program designed for those seeking a gentle yet rewarding way to regain their health in just under six weeks. Debbie Siebers has found international success with this workout as millions of people have transitioned from being overweight and unhappy with their health to leaner, more active, and ready to take on an even more demanding workout.

The best part about Slim in 6 is how flexible and customizable it is. There are three phases through which you will pass, and each phase increases the difficulties of the workouts. When you move from one phase to the next is up to you, but they all emphasize greater mobility, strength, weight loss and flexibility so that anybody can get started and get results.

Finally, the philosophy behind Slim in 6 is that through light resistance moves that are performed with fat burning cardio moves you will become slender and lean without bulking up. Hence the name: Slim in 6.

Who is Slim in 6 For?

This is the perfect workout for people who have not exercise in some time, who are looking to lose weight and get back on track. Old or young, obese or simply overweight, the principles behind Slim in 6 will work for you. If your joints aren’t conditioned for extreme workouts, if you want something that you can ease into without huge amounts of stress and discomfort, then Slim in 6 is for you.

What Comes in the Slim in 6 Package?

When you buy Slim in 6, you get much more than simply a few workouts. The best way to do Slim in 6 is to approach it as a life changing experience, and prepare to fundamentally change your habits and lifestyle. For that reason you not only get your 3 Workout DVD’s, but also a Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide that will help you keep your energy up even as you lose weight. Changing what you eat is a difficult process, but a crucial one for long term success. You get a Motivational Calendar to help you stay on track, as well as the Simple Steps to Success guidebook to help you get the most from your workout. Finally you also get the 6-Day Express Diet Plan to jumpstart your weight loss, as well as 2 extra Workout DVD’s, free online access to 24/7 support and more!

Does Slim in 6 Work?

There are so many different workouts out there that it’s hard to tell which ones actually work and which ones are just marketing hype and hot air. Further, there are so many people saying that the only way to go is extreme, that workouts such as Slim in 6 which are gentle and help your body ease into physical workouts are getting left out in the cold. So let’s take a closer look: does Slim in 6 work? Should you try a sensible and wise workout such as this one over an extreme workout?

First, let me tell you my own experience with Slim in 6. I used to be a college athlete, participating in crew and the lacrosse team, and when I graduated I got an intense office job in NYC. At the time I was in great shape, and thought that I would soon find time to get in some workouts. I didn’t. Over the course of the next decade I simply worked hard, played hard, and occasionally managed to get out for a run. I began to exercise even less once I hit my thirties, and somehow without realizing it I put on the pounds, lost the energy I once had, and became irritable and overweight.

It all changed when we moved to Arizona for my husband’s job, and I suddenly found myself with both spare time and lots of National Parks to go hiking in. I’ve always loved the wilderness, something I lost track of in NYC, and I was shocked to see how little stamina I had, and how much my joints would hurt after even a short hike. So I decided to start with Slim in 6, and took the nutrition side extremely seriously.

Folks, let me just tell you that this workout works. I was overweight, out of condition, and tired really easily. After six weeks of Debbie Sieber’s workouts, I lost over eighteen pounds (much of that was due to simply adopting good eating habits) and did so without hurting myself or burning out on the program. It was perfect for me, and became a springboard with which to go to the next phase, the next workout.

As for extreme? I can tell you I would not have been able to do an extreme workout without hurting myself. Instead, by taking care of my body, by having some patience and discipline, I got the results I wanted without pain, without frustration, and without injury. If you are tempted with a ‘get results quick’ kind of workout, try instead to think long term and realize that quick results often means quick injury and burning out and quitting. Instead, go for long term health, long term success, and be wise and try Slim in 6.