July 24, 2014

The launch of a nutritional milkshake is hardly ground breaking news. It may even be regarded with suspicion in some quarters. After all how many “Miracle” health products have been launched with massive fanfares which ultimately turned out to be unhealthy or only marginally beneficial?

Let me play the skeptic regardingĀ  Shakeology

There have been so many questionable products launched that it is hard to get enthusiastic about a new one.In fact if one walks down the aisles at one’s local drugstore, supermarket or “Health” shop one will find a bewildering array of dietary supplements, vitamin sachets, tablets of various types as well as powders to mix into drinks that all fall into the category of supplementary medicine.

There are items to promote weight loss 9or gain), to provide energy, to cure arthritis, to bring down cholesterol, to combat high blood sugar, to combat the degenerating prostate, to fight aging to supplement one’s vitamin/mineral/trace element intake, to prevent constipation, to combat hair loss and and and…. The list goes on and is seemingly endless.

Many of these items are certainly beneficial and provide the benefits they claim. Certainly substances like Glucosamine and Chondroiton and Omega 3 assist in combating degenerative osteoarthritis. As does Saw Palmetto in assisting the prostate to recover from the ravages of age. Chromium and Cinnamon have beneficial effects on blood sugar and so it goes on. The supplementary health food industry is a multi- billion dollar industry.

There are and have been many scams as well, particularly when it comes to dietary substances. One of the most popular a few years ago was the HGH scam where something claiming to be “Human Growth Hormone” (HGH) was being sold as a “Guaranteed Weight Loss” formula. Then, after one had actually bought the product and received the tablets, one found that the “Guarantee” meant you had to follow the instructions precisely, which involved eating a very strict low calorie diet accompanied by a stringent exercise regime. Whether the tablets actually contained any beneficent substance at all is questionable.



There are many like scams and fads, so what is so different about Shakeology?

What is Shakeology anyway and why should I trust it?

Many of the ‘scams’ mentioned above claim all sorts of ingredients but if one looks carefully one finds that many contain chemicals developed in a laboratory using synthetic ingredients. Then, because the process is not FDA controlled the manufacturing process is far from sterile. Also included are often sugars or other ingredients which are neither beneficial nor nutritious.

Shakeology is different from these and is perfectly to list the entire range of ingredients (Not the recipe of course, but what the product contains). Shakeology is a powder that is used, combined with milk and blended by the user according to the recipes provided, to make a milkshake as a meal replacement.

Note these points well. It makes no claims to be a diet; it makes no claims to be anything other than a meal replacement. This means that it should be drunk instead of a meal. They also suggest that if one uses them as suggested (i.e. instead of 1 meal a day and with some moderate exercise 3 times a week then a number of health benefits are likely to accrue.

Humph… yeah, yeah you have heard it all before. Just another snake oil!

Well actually no, hold on a minute. The list of ingredients is published along with an outright guarantee than NO synthetic materials have been used in its manufacture. All items are 100% from natural resources. In order to emphasize this point some illustrations of the nutritional facts associated with these ingredients.

The overall effect of the recipe that is used to create the shake is to encourage the body to de-codify and at the same time to absorb the foodstuffs that your body craves in a natural way. The digestive enzymes and prebiotics steadily eliminate the harm that has been done by the continual consumption of the kinds of food that make up the usual American diet today; that is deep fried fats, salts, refined sugars, MSGs and other processed food.

What’s In Shakeology?

Amino acids, vitamins and minerals contained in a Shakeology shake will stop the hunger pangs and allow the body to naturally get rid of the stored fats. The shakes also contain a number of different antioxidants and phytonutrients that will assist in the reduction of the free radicals that are so harmful to the body and could lead to hypertension, heart disease, coronary thrombosis or a stroke.

The shake is made from a recipe developed using over 70 specially gathered foods and “superfoods2 all known to have beneficial properties. These include:-

- Proteins and essential amino acids which assist in the production of lean muscle. Essentially a specially developed whey product provides the benefits of reducing hunger pangs, stabilising blood sugar, brain food to reduce tension and stress while being more alert and improving shin and hair tone. This whey product is very easily absorbed by the body.
- Prebiotics and digestive enzymes that aid digestion and improve the regularity of bowel movements. They also improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and help boost the immune system. The natural ingredients that go into these shakes include such fruits as papaya and pineapple which assist in the absorbtion of these nutrients.
- Antioxidants and phytonutrients get rid of free radical and thus boost the immune system, decrease inflammation and have the potential to assist attain longevity and decrease the degeneration of the body that comes with age.
- Vitamins and minerals all assist the body in getting the nutrients it needs and often doesn’t get. It is known that Vitamins C &B get flushed through the body rapidly and thus need to be constantly replaced while other, such as Vitamin E is difficult to get in a normal diet.
That is how Shakeology works and there are a large number of doctors who have endorsed the product stating things such as that they are using Shakeology on their own families, suggesting it to their patients and neighbors.