July 28, 2014

If there is one thing that universally defines a fit and attractive person it is a ripped and shredded core, a gorgeous six or eight pack that speaks volumes as to that person’s lifestyle, discipline, and self-esteem?

Whether you are on the beach or planning to hit the pool, whether you want to look good pulling off your clothing or simply walking through the streets, having a shredded core and killer abs is the fundamental way of getting the kind of attention and health benefits that make a difference.

Yet how can one go about getting abs that should be on the cover of a health magazine? There are so many different opinions and routines that you could spend the rest of your life trying to figure out which way to go. That’s why when it comes to abs you should turn to the single best authority out there: Brett Hoebel, the creator of REVABS and current fitness trainer of The Biggest Loser. Read on to see how Brett can help you shred that core!

Why Does RevAbs Matter?

First of all, when we speak of a great core we’re speaking of more than just the six or eight abs you’re looking to pop. A truly powerful core is a beautiful thing, and consists of a variety of different muscles. Did you know that even your back is involved in a great core? Any true workout that seeks to shred your core should thus address this complex interplay of muscles that consist of your midsection, so that you can achieve record results in the most efficient way.

Brett achieves this by hitting your abs from every direction. The RevAbs workout targets your core from every angle, coming in laterally, from the front, and from the back. Whether you are doing classic crunches or the more esoteric back contractions, all of them will help you strengthen and tighten your core. Brett has a background in medicine and this intimate and professional knowledge of anatomy informs his techniques as he does away with folk lore and misconceptions and sticks to what is medically tried and true.

How does this work? Simple. First of all, you will never pop those abs if they are under an inch of flab. Thus Brett will put you through a punishing routine of cardio work whose sole goal is to help you incinerate your fat and lower your body fat percentage. This is tough, but Brett will help you navigate these streets with panache, so that you quickly begin to reveal the musculature that was hidden beneath your flab.

Second he strengthens your whole body. Too many workouts focus exclusively on your abs, and neglect your shoulders, legs, arms, and chest. The result is a strange looking creature with a tough core and a weak and flabby body. You want to look good all around, and so Brett will help you achieve those kinds of results throughout your body.

Finally Brett will truly blast your core through his variety of techniques. He goes a million miles beyond basic crunches, helping you tone and strengthen those core muscles by approaching them from all angles. These are the very same techniques he uses in his professional gym classes in NYC where he is routinely voted as one of the best instructors in the whole metropolis. If his techniques work for his celebrity clients, then you know they’ll work for you.


So, has my RevAbs review hit home  yet?

One aspect of core training that is often overlooked is that of nutrition. You will see people working to move the flab on their tummies by training two hours a day and sweating a river only to go home and eat some junk food. Do you think they’ll be getting results any time soon? Not at all. That’s why Rev Abs includes a fantastic Nutrition Guide that will help you figure out exactly what you should eat, and when.

So if you’re looking for a real, solid, and fundamentally life changing core workout, then you have to go with Brett Hoebel’s Rev Abs. Don’t fall for the gimmicks out there that are mere fads and barely researched, but rather go for the scientific approach that will answer all your questions with the kind of assurance and power that has propelled Brett Hoebel into the role of trainer in BIGGEST LOSER. This routine will change your body by helping you change your life, and leave you ready to hit the beach or the bed with maximum confidence and good looks!