July 22, 2014

The P90X 2 Intel Report

P90X2 Workout is a cutting edge workout that was designed by a crew of qualified fitness experts and is is one of the most powerful, effective workouts, that is blowing away trainees with the effectiveness of the program, their performance and the visible results.

P90X or P90X2? What’s The Difference?

P90X2 is Tony Horton’s popular training program and one that is a home workout system that is proven to achieve results. The program is a 90 day training program and one that gains maximum results. The training is done in three different training phases with each phase focusing on a distinctive purpose and goal.

P90X2 takes the body and transforms it into a sculpted, hard body, as it works the different muscles through 12 groundbreaking DVD workouts. The basic package comes with everything necessary to achieve maximum results with a combination of diet and exercise. P90X2 is one of the most intense workouts that will push the trainee to their limits, but will give the best possible results. For the individual that is adapt to going beyond their limits, this is the perfect workout and one that will provide the rock hard body through a vigorous workout and training schedule that gets results like no other training program.

The Principles Behind P90X2

P90X2 is based on muscle confusion and is a 30 day training workout that includes training techniques that were created by professionals in the sports industry for the most famous results. P90X2 is 12 workouts that work you beyond limits to chisel your body while you are building core strength, agility, balance and athleticism. It is a tailored specifically for the trainee and results are a training that is one of the best in the industry.

P90X2 works focuses on your core/abs, powerful athletic function, and lightning bolt agility.

What’s Included When I Get P902?

P90X2: TheĀ  Workouts

P90X2 is 12 groundbreaking workouts on DVD that challenge. the muscles and is better training than many athletes receive.

X2 Core.

X2 Core DVD workout concentrates on working the core with instability. When this workout is mastered the trainee will find that they have better motion.

Plyocide /DVD workout concentrates on intense movement that are combined with coordination and mind drills which result in super speed and endurance.

X2 Recover + Mobility:

X2 REcovery + Mobility DVD workout focuses on realigning the trainee’s body through exercises such as complete stretching routines and foam-rolling techniques.

X2 Core.

X2 Core DVD workout concentrates on working the core with instability. When this workout is mastered the trainee will find that they have better motion.

X2 Yoga:

X2 Yoga DVD workout is designed to increase your build stabilizer muscle strength, increase your range of motion and isometric power.

X2 Total Body:

X2 Total Body DVD workout pushes the trainee’s body to use proper form and the right muscles to handle instability and resistance challenges.

X2 Shoulders + Arms: X2 Shoulders + Arms:

X2 Shoulder + Arms DVD workout is focused on keeping your arms and shoulders strong and balancing them to help minimize the risk of injury.

Chest + Back + Balance:

Chest + Back + Balance DVD workout achieves ultimate strength gains breaking the traditional bounds of weight training as trainees workout on platforms that are not stable.

X2 Balance + Power: X2 Balance + Power DVD workout pushes the trainee beyond their limits through intense movements and strength training while enhancing alignment.

P.A.P. Upper: P.A.P. Upper DVD workout focuses on stimulating the youth inside you with training that goes into the past activation for the upper body.

P.A.P. Lower: P.A.P. Lower DVD workout is all about four round complexes that work the lower body and enhance the trainee’s performance beyond belief.

X2 Ab Ripper: X2 Ab Ripper DVD workout takes the trainee to new heights as to what an ab workout should be with intense core movements.

About the P90X2 Nutrition Plan

The X90P2 comes with a complete nutrition plan that helps to enhance the results of the training program. The X90P2 nutrition plan includes high-performance foods. You can customize the diet plan with vegan and grain-free options. By following the nutrition guide, the trainee will achieve optimal results.

The New P90X2 Calendar

Trainees will also receive a 90-day workout calendar which guides them through each daily routine to ensure the success of the training program . Following the workout calendar is essential as it has been designed to ensure that that muscles are not over strained by working them out on top of one another.

What Different Types of Packages are Offered with the P90X2

The P90X2 comes in different packages which allows all types of budgets to participate in the training programs. Individuals that are interested in the packages can choose from:

P90X2 Basic Package: The basic package includes the 12 DVD workout videos, a fitness guide, a nutrition guide, a introduction video, 90 day workout calendar and online support. Two bonus gifts are also included in the package which include 2 free workouts if you order the training package from your Team Beachbody or coach. The package also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

P90X2 Deluxe Package: The deluxe package includes everything that the basic P90X2 training package includes, but offers much more. With the deluxe package you also receive 2 exclusive P90X2 advanced workouts that allows the trainee to add even more variety to their workout program. Also included in the P90X2 deluxe package is a recommendation of equipment with a 35% savings to the trainee.

P90X2 Ultimate Package: With the P90X2 Ultimate Package trainees will receive everything that is included in both the basic training kit plus they will receive 2 bonus advancedP90X2 workout DVDs, which allow more variety to the trainee’s training program, 1 pro-grade foam roller, 1 55 cm premium stability ball, 2 8 lb. medicine balls, and Tony Horton’s PowerStand, a recommendation of equipment and a 35% savings to the trainee when purchasing the equipment.

Prices vary depending on the package, but each package will provide the trainee with everything necessary in order to achieve the most effective results, all within 90 days.