July 24, 2014

Buying P90X? Get The Facts First!

There is a revolution going on. It’s spreading from living room to living room, across the United States. It has sparked off a national desire to get healthy, to lose weight, to gain muscle, to increase the quality of our lives and improve the way we look. Led by Tony Horton, P90X has been changing the lives of literally millions of people as they learn about their own potential that P90X can help them unlock. Just three months is all it takes to change your body in fundamental ways. Yet what exactly is the P90X program? Who is it for, and what does it involve? What should you expect when you purchase a copy, and is the right workout for you?

Who Is the P90X Workout For?

When you watch the commercial you might get the impression that this workout is only for extreme athletes. That the level of intensity would burn anybody of less than perfect physique and conditioning right out of their shoes. Can anybody attempt this workout, or should only the athletic elite give it a shot?

Simply put, almost anybody can do the P90X Workout, and the reason is because you do not have to match the intensity of the people on the screen. Instead, you should allow the workout regimen to help you push your own personal boundaries, to challenge your own comfort levels. Tony Horton himself always says, “Do your best and forget the rest.” Toward that end, all you need is the will power and commitment to hang in there and do your best, and you will change more than you can imagine in 3 months.

Caveat: if you have any health issues, injuries or problems, always check with a doctor before beginning an intense new workout regimen.

How Does the P90X Workout Work?

The idea is as powerful as it is simple. For 3 months you will change the way you exercise and eat  as to garner incredible results. Tony Horton will put you though his Muscle Confusion program, which in essence will continuously change the nature of your workout so that your body never learns to adapt. By constantly surprising your body, you will remain in the adaptive phase, and consequently be always growing at maximum speed. Combine this with the cutting edge nutrition program, and you have an incredible workout.

What Do You Get With Your Order?



The P90X Workout package is one designed to help you change your lifestyle, and not just do a few workouts. Toward that end you will receive the workout DVD’s, but much more. Perhaps the most essential aspect of the package is the Nutrition Guide, a book that is filled with wisdom, advice and recipes to help get you on track. Further, you will receive a Fitness Guide that will help you prepare and execute the workouts in the best manner possible, along with the Workout Calendar that will help you structure your 3 months, and 24/7 support from the Online Team Beachbody community of experts.

Does the P90X Really Work? He’s My Opinion

There are so many different workouts on the market that it can be hard to determine which ones are legit and which ones are a waste of your time and money. How can you tell in which camp the P90X workout belongs?

First off, the P90X Workout has now been out for six years, and during that time it has been undertaken by literally millions of people. Those people have been posting their results online and sharing their stories with each other, and the fact that the P90X Workout continues to sell should be some measure of indication as to how much success others have had with it.
Second, it’s not just regular consumers like you and me that use this workout. Tony Horton has been called in by the military to help train their units, has had special groups of Congress Members use the workout, as well as different groups across the country like firefighters and the police undergo the routine.

Third, I myself have done the workout. I can tell you from my own experience that it works. I’ve always been a skinny guy, so my challenge wasn’t losing weight but adding muscle, gaining strength, energy, and vitality. When I decided to undergo the workout I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how serious the whole Muscle Confusion angle was, nor whether I would be able to hang in there given how tough the workout looked. I decided to give it a shot, however, and see what would happen.

The first thing I discovered was that the hardest part wasn’t the workouts, but the nutrition. It’s much easier to simply press ‘play’ each day and do an hour workout then it is to restructure your nutrition plan. That takes real planning, dedication, and commitment. It’s crucial that you do, however, because if you’re not eating right, then you won’t build muscle and you won’t have the energy for the workouts. You’ll drag, be exhausted all the time, and quit.

Which I almost did. On week 3 I was burned out and about ready to throw in the towel. I was getting results, incredibly enough, was starting to stare at myself in the mirror, but the workout was becoming too intense for me. Six days a week, and a dedicated meal plan. I almost stopped, but decided to give it one last burst of energy and focus on the nutrition. Upon doing so, I started to have more energy, and with that came more enthusiasm. With more enthusiasm came greater enjoyment, and I tore through the rest of the workout.

No joke, I could not recognize myself by the time I was done. I had gained almost ten pounds of muscle and lost what little padding I had left. I looked good, I felt good, and I couldn’t get enough of the way my friend and family were reacting. This is a real story of success here folks, and I’m living proof, along with the millions of others, that this workout works.