July 25, 2014

My advice to you: be an informed consumer. Before spending $119.85 on this program, read this quick overview. I will help you make a decision for or against Insanity.

What is Insanity?

To begin, it is about one of the hardest fitness programs available on DVD. Shaun T becomes the fitness buffs personal trainer who will work you harder than you ever dreamed, creating the most desirable results you have ever imagined. Shaun T pumps you up, and pushes you further than you could imagine with a combination of exercise, moves and training. Insanity is the backbone to the hardest body you can sculpt. It is a workout that achieves insane results. Insanity is the ability to burn an outrageous 1000 calories in just an hour and in peak physical condition in just 60 days. Insanity comes on 10 DVDs, with an Insanity Calendar and Diet Guide, and is the total package to get the fittest body imaginable.

The science behind the Insanity Workout

The science behind Insanity is maximum interval training. Maximum interval training is a physical training that uses bursts of high intensity exercise, with intervals of rest and lower intensity activity. It is an effective training that involves both the anaerobic and aerobic systems. This means training with and without oxygen. Aerobic is with oxygen, anaerobic is without. This is a highly intense workout that achieves great results. For example, running as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then slowing 30 minutes. Energy that is stored in the muscles is used with short bursts of activity in order to generate energy for the body. This creates a lactic acid, that, when the body slows down or the individual rests, the lungs and heart work together to break down the lactic acid.

In the Insanity workout program, Shaun T takes the traditional interval training and turns it around. In traditional interval training, the individual’s high intensity exercise lasts for 30 seconds and then is followed by between two to three minutes of rest. With the Insanity workout that is flipped around and the individual’s high intensity exercise lasts three minutes and is followed by thirty seconds of rest.

Insanity Work Outs (all 10 DVDs)

Insanity is 10 DVDs with insane workouts that result in the hardest body imaginable, all over a period of 60 days. From day one you begin to get fit as you start with disc 1 which is the dig deeper and fit test. Day One is a thirty minute workout in which Shaun will put your body to the test and see exactly what you are made of.
Disc Two: Disc Two is the Plyometric Cardiovascular Circuit. In this workout the trainee will train with intense sweat inducing cardio and lower body plyometric that will burn fat. The workout last for 42 minutes.

Disc Three: Disc Three is the Cardiovascular Power and Resistance DVD and the workout focuses on building upper body definition and lean muscle with power moves and strength training. Total time of the workout is 40 minutes.

Disc Four: Disc Four is Cardiovascular Recovery and in this workout Shaun will ease up on the trainee a bit which will be once a week so that you are ready to take on the following week. Total workout time is 33 minutes.

Disc Five: Disc Five is pure Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular Abs. This workout is an extreme nonstop cardio workout that lasts for 55 minutes.

Disc Six: Disc Six is the Core Cardiovascular and Balance disc and is a shorter workout which lasts 37 minutes and allows the trainee to relax after the first month and prepare themselves for the following month to come.

Disc Seven: Disc Seven is the Max Interval Circuit and Fit Test and is a workout of 86 minutes and is an interval circuit workout that will be challenging.

Disc Eight: Disc Eight is the Max Interval Plyometric and Shaun will push your legs until they are screaming for mercy with plyometrics and power. The workout is 55 minutes in length.

Disc Nine: Disc Nine is the Max Cardiovascular Conditioning and Cardio Abs and in this workout, Shaun will push you to you absolute limit with an extreme cardio workout that lasts for 65 minutes.

Disc Ten: Disc Ten is the Max Recovery and gives the trainee a rest and builds strength for another round with intense moves and stretches. The workout lasts for 47 minutes.

What about the Insanity diet?

Insanity does come with a workout nutrition guide / plan that the trainee is expected to follow for the two months during the training. With the Insanity diet, the trainee is encouraged to eat five meals a day. The diet guide comes with a selection of meals and recipes that provide optimal benefits while training.

The Insanity Calendar

Shaun t created the Insanity calendar which allows the trainee to know what workout on which day. It is all about not over straining certain muscles by exercising them on top of one another. The calendar must be followed by the trainee to ensure that they have the best workout possible without possible risk to their body. There are also plenty of tricks and tips on the calendar that help to stimulate the trainee’s motivation and to build the mindset to conquer Insanity.

Shaun T created the Insanity calendar which is all about what training and when the trainee should participate. It is their schedule to train. Shaun has carefully created the calendar to ensure that the trainee does not over exercise the same set of muscles. The calendar is designed to let you know what workouts the trainee participates in each week, as well as, a breakdown of each week’s specific challenges to the trainee. You will also receive plenty of tricks and tips that will not only help to stimulate your motivation but to conquer insanity.

The Insanity workout is definitely a challenge and will push you beyond limits. The results, however, are the hardest body after only a short two month of extensive training and workouts, proper diet and great encouragement by Shaun T. Insanity is definitely the choice in intense fitness training programs for those that are seeking a hard body and ultimate strength. It is power and the body, mind and soul does get pumped.