July 23, 2014

Brazil Butt Lift: Read Before You Buy

There is an international craze for beauty that is driving hundreds of thousands of women to the surgery table. In order to look good they are undergoing intense treatments that risk their lives in order to slim down, to reshape their buttocks, to enhance their breasts, to change the way they look. Now there is an alternative: the Brazil Butt Lift is workout that has been used by supermodels to prepare for the runway, and is now available to everybody who wishes to reshape their bodies—and their booties—in order to look gorgeous. So what is this Brazil Butt Lift workout? How does it work, what does it involve, and is it right for you?

What is the Brazil Butt Lift?

The Brazil Butt Lift is the brain child of Leandro Carvalho, a New York City fitness trainer that leads the most popular classes around, and also trains the stars. With a background in fitness and ballet, he took his knowledge of the human body and designed a Brazilian flavored work out that will help you lift, firm, and tighten your booty while losing weight.

The workout is a 3 month program that when combined with the proper nutrition plan will have you lose weight and firm your body. Combining intense amounts of cardio and dance with light resistance training, Leandro will sculpt your body into perfection.

How Does the Brazil Butt Lift Work?

For three months you will do a combination of dance, cardio, resistance, and core work. Leandro’s workouts are characterized by their high energy and intense burn. Leandro’s knowledge of the human body has allowed him to attack your booty from three different angles, something he calls the TriAngle Approach, such that he will exercise your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus so as to deliver the most perfect burn.

This is accomplished through a mixture of capoeira, ballet, the Brazilian dance known as Axe, and traditional cardio movements. Set to infectious Brazilian music, these workouts will have you torch calories even as you tone your muscles.

What Comes in the Brazil Butt Lift Workout?

The Brazil Butt Lift is more than just a workout—it’s a whole new lifestyle in a box. Toward that end you get six workouts on 3 DVD’s, and much more. To get you jumpstarted on your weight loss you will also get the 6-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan which will help you lose weight in the supermodel plan that Leandro designed for his elite clients.

Perhaps most importantly you will also get a Fat-Burning Food Guide that will help you transform your nutrition plans, introducing you to new concepts, food wisdom, and a load of recipes to help you get on track. You will also get the Booty Makeover Guide that will help you figure out your butt type and get the most from your workouts, as well as the Booty Makeover Calendar while will help you figure out day by day what workouts to do.

Finally, you will also receive a strength band for your workouts, and your Triangle Training Workout Cards to take with you and learn Leandro’s signature moves.

But Does the Brazil Butt Lift Really Work?

Folks, let’s look at what the decision to do the Brazil Butt Lift really involves. As I said before, hundreds of thousands of women are choosing to undergo general anesthesia each year and suffer invasive surgery in order to have some aspect of their body modified. Whether they’re having artificial implants made or parts of their body cut away, they must then awake in pain and undergo months of painful rehab as they adjust to their new bodies.

Further, surgery is not guaranteed. Measures such as the butt implants where they insert your own body fat into your buttocks may come to naught after all the pain and effort as your body might simply absorb the fat and return to how it looked before.

That’s not to mention the danger of death. Surgeries can go wrong, especially those that require general anesthesia. A quick check of the internet will reveal countless horror stories as women get horrific results from surgeries gone wrong, or even worse pass away from careless accidents.

Finally, if you perfect one part of your body, that won’t help your actual health, nor the rest of your body. You will instead be still prone to returning to the way you looked, because your actual lifestyle won’t have changed. As such, all these expensive surgeries are but short term measures that if they don’t kill you, they definitely won’t make you a healthier person.

On the other hand a workout like the Brazil Butt Lift will help you shed the pounds in a natural way. Your body will adapt to the new levels of exercise and high quality food that you will be eating and the changes will be natural and involve your whole body. As such, your health will improve, your metabolism will speed up, your energy levels will go through the roof, and your whole body will radiate a natural, gorgeous beauty that simply can’t be bought.

Finally, the Brazil Butt Lift does not come with the risk of death or disfigurement as surgery does. It does not have you risk your life for temporary benefits, but instead will deliver real benefits as you sweat and work for them. And that is the essence of the difference between people who are willing to work for their results and those who want quick results. Those who are willing to work will lead longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives, while those who look for fast results under the knife will court danger even as they fight for short term benefits that will do nothing for their health.

When you consider all these elements, can there be any question as to which direction you should go? If the Brazil Butt Lift works for the likes of Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria Secret Model, then you can depend on it working for you.