April 20, 2014

The 10 Minute Trainer Intel Report

It’s a busy world we live in. Whether you’re flying six times a month for work or juggling the fact that you have four kids to take care of, whether you’re driving for extended periods of time or simply caught up in a combination of events, many of us lead hectic lifestyles that prevent us from finding time for ourselves.

The first casualty of a hyper-busy lifestyle is often our workouts, as we are usually too tired, to worn out and mentally exhausted to drive to the gym and exercise. No time, is the common cry, we have no time to work out. Well, no longer. Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer ensures that you actually do have the time. All you need now is the willpower.

What is the 10 Minute Trainer?

Tony Horton is a celebrity fitness trainer and the creator of the world renowned P90X workout. Too many people were telling him that they didn’t have the time to work out, and rather than argue with them he took them at their word and made the 10 Minute Trainer. All you need are ten minutes each day to do these workouts, and if you follow the bare bones nutrition guide then you will lose weight and gain muscle.

How Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

Tony created his trademarked Super Stacking Technique that allows you to maximize those ten minutes like nothing else. When most people go to the gym, they will do one exercise at a time that targets one part of their body, so that over the course of an hour they will do some fifteen exercises. Super Stacking combines the most effective techniques that Tony knows and allows you to work three different parts of your body all at once.

For example: imagine starting in a squat, weights held down by your side. Rise to standing, curl the weights up to your shoulders, and then press them to the ceiling. That’s one rep, and takes one third of the time it would take to do a squat, a bicep curl and a shoulder press individually. With Super Stacking you can do all three distinct exercises all at once.

Who is the 10 Minute Trainer For?

This is an incredibly effective series of exercises, and they can work for anybody who is pressed for time. Specifically designed to be done outside a gym, you don’t even need equipment to maximize your benefits. All you need is some resistance bands that can be placed in a suitcase without taking up any space. The 10 Minute Trainer is designed for people who have a burning desire to get in shape but lack the time, from busy mom’s to executives who are always flying and spending time in hotel rooms.

What Comes With the 10 Minute Trainer?


The 10 Minute Trainer is a lifestyle changer, and if you follow it religiously you will find that it delivers results in less time than you thought possible. In the package you will receive 3 Workouts that will target your lower body, total body, and a final workout that will deliver a punishing cardio workout to your living room. You also get a Yoga Flex Workout that will help you work on your mobility and flexibility.

Further, you will get resistance bands to take with you on the road, a customized workout calendar to help keep track of what you should do and when, a Rapid Results Guidebook to help you maximize your results, and finally a quick ‘n easy Meal Plan that will get your eating habits in shape.

Finally you get 3 gifts to round out your package: a free Abs Routine workout, an On-the-Go Workout Cards collection with moves and routines in case you can’t access a DVD player, and a 2 day Jump Start Plan to help you start losing weight right away.

My Personal Opinion: Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

Here’s where I tell you that of course it works, buy it without thinking, right? Wrong. I can only speak to my own experience, and hope that you find it compelling enough that you might decide it works for you. I was in good shape in high school and college, not on any varsity teams but a regular at the gym. When I graduated I took a job in the pharmaceuticals industry, and suddenly I was flying all over the country. I’ve probably seen the insides of more airports and hotel rooms than you would believe, and worked harder than most people could imagine.

The result was that by the time I hit my late 30’s I had ballooned to almost 300 lbs, and trust me, it wasn’t muscle. Too many meals on the go, too much time spent sitting down had taken its toll. Gyms had stopped attracting me, since my mantra had become: I don’t have the time for it.

Then I had my first big reality check from my doctor when he told me I was in real danger of having a heart attack. That woke me right up. But what could I do? I still had to travel, and had no time. Then IU learned about the 10 Minute Trainer, and you know what I thought? Even as busy as I am, I can spare ten minutes.

So I bought it, and did the program. I did it right, and after I was done, I had lost 27lbs. So I did it again, and lost another 23lbs. From there I did Power 90, and eventually did P90X, and today I’m doing P90X2 and weigh 187lbs, with only 12% body fat. I’m looking good, I’ve come a long, but you know what? I’ll never forget that it all started with 10 Minute Trainer.

So give it a shot. Everybody has 10 minutes in their day that they can spare. Everybody deserves to be in good health, with high levels of energy and a long life span before them. Don’t give up—give 10 Minute Trainer a chance.