July 26, 2014

The P90X Workout Schedule Intel Report

Around the nation millions of people have done the P90X Workout, following Tony Horton as he leads them into the land of Muscle Confusion and toward that 3 month completion goal. Working, sweating, fighting and doing ever better as they revolutionize their bodies from the inside out, adopting new nutrition habits and working harder than they ever thought possible. Yet many people decide to either do P90X their own way, or due to getting a pirated copy have no idea as to what the right way of doing P90X even is. That is where the P90X Workout Schedule really shines through, helping you make Tony’s Muscle Confusion principle work for you as it should.

Schedule = Muscle Confusion = Results

Muscle Confusion is simple in concept but tricky in application. In short, it’s the brainchild of Tony Horton and works by observing that your body always grows the fastest when it’s adapting to a new workout routine, and that if you can keep your body from ever fully adapting you will consequently always enjoy that rapid rate of growth. Toward that end, Tony crafted the P90X workout so that your body is always being surprised and stimulated by the changing series of exercises and workouts that you are supposed to do. At no point does your body ever become complacent and hit a plateau.

How Does Muscle Confusion Depend on the Schedule?

Muscle Confusion only works when you follow Tony’s carefully crafted schedule. Your workout is meant to last 90 days, and as such some of the DVD’s are designed to be done later in the workout then others, while the very order that you do the workouts themselves are key to ensuring that your body both never grows accustomed to what it’s doing and never burns out by hitting the same body part too many times in a row without enough rest.

Is There Just One Schedule?

No. There are actually three different versions of the P90X schedule that you can follow, and which one you follow depends on the kind of results that you are looking to get.

P90X Classic: This is the original program, and is the one that most people usually do the first time round. This version is for people who are simply looking to lose weight and gain in lean muscle mass, who are new to extreme workouts and thus want to follow the version that Tony intended to be the primary approach to P90X. So who should do the P90X Classic version? Anybody who is looking to improve their fitness.

P90X Lean: This version features greater repetition of the cardio based workouts, and as such has less resistance training, resulting in less muscle growth and more weight loss. While it’s still an incredibly demanding workout, you won’t be forcing yourself to do pull-ups and push-ups but rather keep up with Tony as he hits you with cardio and plyometrics, pushing your body to sweat and burn those calories. Who is this for? Women tend to prefer the Lean version as they have an instinctive aversion to resistance training (not that they should!) and people whose primary goal is to lose weight.

P90X Doubles: This is the extreme version of an already extreme exercise, so be careful and think before you decide to attempt this workout. P90X Doubles has you do two workouts in a day in Months 2 and 3, so that you are simply doing twice the work. As you can imagine, this will put an incredible strain on your body, forcing you to eat even more, sleep even more, and be sure that you already have a fantastic fitness foundation on which to build upon. Who is this for? Fitness fanatics, people with 2 hours plus each day to spend workout out, and those who are looking for the ultimate workout challenge.

Is the P90X Workout Calendar Really Necessary?

Of course it is, but people seem to have a hard time realizing that P90X can only be as truly effective as it possible can if people follow it as they were meant to. When people ask me this question, I always tell them the story of my buddy Joey who was a massage therapist and trainer but who never had personally taken his own fitness to the next level. As such he had trouble getting new clients, and decided to do the P90X workout himself. However, given his own background as a fitness trainer he decided to put the workout together in the way that made sense to him, and ignore the P90X Workout Calendar.

You can imagine how things went for him.

He worked out incredibly hard, I’ll give him that, and he did lose weight as a result through sheer effort. But he was always exhausted, he never seemed to have any energy, and after a few weeks began dreading the workouts because he was burning out and having an awful time. He wasn’t putting on lean muscle mass, and he was on the verge of straining his knees from doing too many Plyometrics workouts back to back.

Finally I sat him down and told him to get over his pride and just try the workout the way it was supposed to be done, and perhaps even more importantly to follow the nutrition plan too. He reluctantly agreed, and when I checked in with him a month later, it was like night from day. He was allowing Muscle Confusion to do its work, he was resting when he was supposed to, and hitting his body in the correct fashion with the correct order of workouts. By the time he finished the three months he was looking great, and his private practice took off.

Moral of the story: Tony Horton is a consummate professional, and he knew what he was doing when he put this workout together. Don’t try to second guess him, and rather instead simply do what the workout asks you to do. I guarantee you’ll get insane results if you do.