July 25, 2014

Insanity Workout Calendar Intel Report

A friend of mine and I were hanging out last week and he told me about this crazy new workout he had just downloaded illegally. He said it was awesome, but he was getting incredibly frustrated because the download hadn’t included the workout calendar. As such, he was just guessing as best he could, playing the workouts in random order, hopping around without knowing quite what he was doing. I told him that sounded stupid, and asked him which workout he was doing. He told me the Insanity Workout, and I could only laugh—he’d picked the most extreme workout currently available on DVD to mess around with. I’ve already done the Insanity Workout once, but I bought it from a legit Beachbody Coach, and had the schedule in place. It makes all the difference, and here’s why.

What is the Insanity Workout Calendar

So Shaun T put together this 60 day workout that is almost guaranteed to help you torch fat, lose weight, and get absolutely lean and shredded. It comes with 10 crazy workouts, but here’s the thing: each workout is supposed to be done at a specific time, and in a specific order. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll do the wrong workouts right after each other, and that will cause you no end of trouble. You need the Insanity Workout Calendar to keep your workouts straight.

Why do I need the Insanity Workout Calendar?

For a simple reason. When Shaun T created these workouts he did so with a specific order in mind. The entire workout is divided into two phases, each corresponding to each month, with the second month being the most extreme and challenging. Right off the bat, if you don’t know which workouts are meant for your more advanced workouts, then you will be trying to do too much too soon and risk hurting yourself. Sounds obvious, right?

However, there’s a subtler point to be made here. Shaun T has staggered his workouts so that they don’t blast your body in the same way every time. As such, you are given slight recovery periods for different parts of your body as you go through the workout, with your body recovering from one day to the next while different parts of it are taxed by different workouts. If you don’t know how to finely balance these workouts—and consequently your own body fatigue—then you will overload your system, overwork your body, and burn out faster than you can imagine.

Who is the Insanity Workout Calendar For?

It’s no secret that piracy is an easy way to get free copies of expensive programs, movies, songs and workouts online. People can download almost anything these days, but the Insanity Workout Calendar is one reason that you should think twice about pirating the Insanity Workout. Anybody who wants to do this extreme workout correctly and actually benefit from the extreme amounts of exercise that they are going to do should make an effort to get a copy from a legit retailer, as this will ensure they do the workout properly, and benefit from it. Otherwise why bother?

Does the Insanity Workout Calendar Actually Make a Difference?

So let me tell you about my friend who downloaded an illegal copy. He laughed at me when I told him to go and buy a legit copy, and told me that he was sure he could figure out the system. He knew from reading online that you need to do six workouts each work, and that one of those workouts should be the Recovery Workout. So he decided to simply figure out the schedule himself, and not spend a penny.

I wished him good luck.

Three weeks later I checked back in, and surprise surprise he was in pain, sore, and unhappy. He had put together what he thought was the best combination for the workouts, and thrown himself into the routine, killing himself each day as best he could. But he was doing everything out of whack, and as such he wasn’t getting the proper benefit.

Then I asked him about his nutrition plan, and he looked at me as if I were crazy. He hadn’t given the food side of the workout any thought, even though Shaun T makes it clear that you won’t have success unless you eat right. My buddy wasn’t getting a balanced diet, and he wasn’t eating enough. The result? Exhaustion, burn out, frustration and pain.

So I made a bet with him. I told him I would lend him my legit copy and let him try it for two weeks, and if it worked for him he would buy a legit version himself. He agreed, pretty annoyed that I hadn’t offered him a copy from the get-go, and I told him I would check back in a few weeks.

When I went back he was thoughtful and doing much better. The nutrition side had made a huge change, but even more importantly he now knew what to do, and when to do it. He was in better shape, had more energy, and was feeling more confident about the fact that he wasn’t wasting his time. Of course he asked me if he could just keep my copy, and I said no, you promised to buy your own, and so he did.

Why wouldn’t I just lend him my copy of the Insanity Workout Calendar and the nutrition guide? Because I respect and appreciate how much work Shaun T went through to create such an amazing workout package. I respected not only how much he had worked, but the fact that through his work I had achieved incredible results, lost 32lbs and lowered my body fat percentage to single digits. Why would I not support him, why would I not encourage my friends to buy his workout and in so doing communicate loud and clear that we appreciated the hard work he had done? That’s why I got my Insanity Workout Calendar the legit way, and never looked back.