April 25, 2014

Monday Monday Monday

Greetings, fellow blogger reading types. This morning finds me in the O’Hare Departure Terminal, waiting for my flight to Topeka. Spent the weekend here in the Windy City, visiting my cousin who sustained a steady stream of abuse and ridicule as I turned down delicacy after delicacy which he normally plies me with. Pizzas, baby back ribs, the works, everything I said no to and stuck to my minimalist diet. And let me tell you folks, there is nothing harder than starving on a diet that isn’t doing it for you when family members are taking potshots at your gut and tempting you with bbq wings.

But I’ve stuck with the 5 day Inferno plan, as best I could (was a little rough around the edges), and you know what? I’m feeling better today than I have in some time. I’m as amazed as you are. I haven’t weighed myself (don’t want to get disillusioned), but the fact remains that I feel lighter, more energetic and alert than I usually do. That could also have something to do with the amount of sleep I’ve been getting. Working out like a dog makes you sleep like a baby, so I’ve been pulling in at least seven hours each night instead of my usual insomniac 6, and I feel great. Rested, hungry, alert, and ready for today’s lunch. Which will be… a grilled chicken pita sandwich. Doesn’t sound too bad! Only problem is that it’s about half of what I want to eat, so what can you do.

Ok, they’re boarding, got to go.