July 25, 2014

Real Life and Workouts

Ok, so I’ve been doing really well with Turbo Fire so far, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Yesterday was a bust. Big meeting with the top level execs again, and we all went out for a power lunch. Where did we go? A steak house. Now, I’m in a rough spot here, and the execs aren’t liking my advice. It’s like they hired me, but want me to only say what they want to hear. As if they expected me to confirm that they’re doing everything right, and it’s the world that’s unfair. Well, that’s not what I’m here for, so I’m arguing with them and not making any friends. Which means I have to appear tough and in control. These old bastards are testing me at every corner, and yesterday during lunch the CFO looked across the table at me and loudly asked me what I was going to eat. I was planning on just getting a salad, but suddenly all these old guys are staring at me, and I realize, heck, they’re going to judge me by what I order. So I go for the Porterhouse, and shut them all up.

And it was delicious, but it wasn’t on the meal plan.

Then I ended up staying at the office till 11pm, putting together some emergency reports for today’s afternoon meeting. I’m supposed to fly out tonight, but my work isn’t finished here and I may have to delay. Which means more work, less time and energy to exercise. Rough!