July 25, 2014

Friday is for Turbo Firers

Ok, so that is an awkward title, but it conveys what I mean it to. What it means is that I am one day away from completing my first two weeks of Turbo Fire! Which is 1/6th of the whole program! Perhaps it’s because I travel so much, perhaps it’s because I have very busy days, but time flies. It seems just yesterday I was struggling with the Inferno Plan, and now here I am, almost 1/6th of the way through!

What are my thoughts so far? One, this is an intense workout. You have to have either grace, flexibility and coordination, or bloody minded and determined. Guess where I fall in. Everybody on the DVD is skinny and in shape, which makes me feel like the odd man out in the class. No WAY would I attend that class in real life. But no matter what shape or form you are in, it is very, very hard.

Which means you will get in shape. Whether or not it’s the ‘best’ workout I don’t know, but it’s sufficiently tough that I just know I’ll lose weight doing it for 3 months. How could you not?

Plus I like that it comes with a food plan, which helps me stay on track. I’ll speak more specifically about the workouts next time!