July 23, 2014

Back on the Wagon

Ok, so it’s been a rough past 10 days. But when will things ever go smooth? As John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re making plans.” But then again, he also said, “I am the walrus”, so what does he know?

Either way, I’ve been flying nonstop, haven’t been home in almost a month, and despite my initial burst of success at exercising with Turbo Fire, I’ve stopped these past two weeks, simply overwhelmed by work and exhaustion. Flying and spending so much time in airports is really tiring, to the point that I simply crash in whatever hotel room I end up in, kicking off my shoes and asleep before my head even hits the pillow.

But how am I going to lose weight if I don’t get a grip? Is this job ultimately going to be in the way? Will I have to quit work to find the time and energy? I don’t know, but sitting here in yet another hotel in Minneapolis, staring out at a gray sky, knowing I have to get up and go to another slew of meetings in about 10 minutes makes me have doubts. Life style change, Turbo Fire says, but what if I actually have to do that?

Change my life?