July 22, 2014

An amusing incident in the night

Dear blog,

So I worked until very late last night, only getting back to the hotel past 11pm. What a day. Actually a good one, with lots of intense confrontations, but I managed to swing everybody to my point of view, so it felt like victory after victory. Sometimes you lead a horse to water, but it won’t drink, so you have to beat it around the neck and shoulders until it does what’s best for it. These managers simply are in denial about their situation, so I had to forcefully show them how restructuring, downsizing and selling off their worst liabilities might make them lose ‘prestige’ in the short run, but leaves them a smaller, more efficient and profitable company in the long term. Regardless, they finally agreed, and I got home late, having missed dinner.

So what does a sane man then do? He puts on his Turbo Fire workout and goes at it. Which I did. At 11 at night. I was blasting the music, completely caught up in the moment, jumping and doing all sorts of things, when somebody pounds at the door, furious. I froze. I knew this was going to happen. So I pause the workout, go to the door, and I’m riding such a high that I just throw it open.

It’s the manager. The residents to both the sides of my room and below have called in to complain. “What the heck do you think you’re doing?” he demands, angry.

“Changing my life,” I said, right to his face. I swear. He blinked, and had the foolishness to say, “What?”

So I told him. Right there in the hallway, told him about what I was doing, and why, and how great it felt. He was a big guy himself, and he ended up being curious. He actually came in to see part of the workout, and I think he was curious, but was too committed to being angry to really open up. Either way, we had this intense conversation for a whole ten minutes, and then he left, admonishing me to keep it down and not make any more disturbance. I finished the workout on low, but what really struck me was the look in his eye when he saw what I was doing.

It told me he wanted to do it too, but hadn’t yet taken the step I had. Which was really empowering, and made me think: can I be an example to other people?