July 23, 2014

A Rump Tiddly Too!

Why hello, my dear blog, how are you? Really, that’s great. I’m doing great too. I’m in Topeka, Kansas today, and have the entire day off until a round of meetings tomorrow. Going to be consulting with a company that processes a basic food ingredient they mine from the earth. That’s right, a food ingredient derived from petroleum. How interesting is that? Makes you want to look at food ingredients a little closer, I’d say.

But yes, a whole day off, and what is there to do in Topeka Kansas with that time? Going to go see the Brown Vs. Board museum, maybe the zoo, and have dinner at this swank place called the Rowhouse. Wish I had somebody to go with, but I’m used to exploring and eating alone these days. That’s what you get from flying everywhere all the time. What else? OH YES, MY TURBO FIRE WORKOUT. You know, I am really, really surprised as to how well this is going. I think the thrill of just following a workout plan is carrying me along, though lately I’ve been wondering if I should have started with P90X. Too late now, and anyway, Chalene Johnson and her crowd of workout girls are definitely more fun to look at than Mr. Tony Horton would be.

The workouts are tough, and I am definitely not able to keep up, but I just focus on finishing the workouts. I’m sweating buckets, and yes, losing weight! So all is well on that front :)