July 24, 2014

So what is this Turbo Fire workout I’m doing?

It’s a 90 day workout created by this wonderful lady called Chalene Johnson. Apparently she has a huge following out in California and has been doing ‘Turbo’ things for years, like Turbo Jam, Turbo this, Turbo that. Turbo Fire is the latest and most extreme workout she’s released, and I’ve signed up in order to lose a ton of weight.

3 months, centered around something called High Intensity Interval Training workouts, or HIIT. Those are super short, lasting only 15 or 20 minutes. She uses Firedrills to break them up, and basically you do your best to give yourself a heart attack while doing them. It would help if I was more coordinated, but I’m not, so I thrash around like a man trying to put out a fire.

So, Does Turbo Fire Work?

Like I said, you’re in for 3 months of high energy, pulse pounding cardio kickboxing, and man let me tell you, this is your one way ticket to calorie burning heaven. Chalene takes you through a whole slew of workouts, with the HIIT workouts as the core, but with plenty of general cardio kickboxing thrown in for good measure (the EZ workouts, though they’re anything but!). You also get a bunch of core training, and a huge emphases on stretching that’s done after each workout so that you stay limber and in great shape and ready for more.

High Interval Training is the core of this program. Like I said above, each HIIT workout is only about 15 to 20 minutes long, but don’t let that fool you: the actual HIIT moments are only about 45 seconds long. Why so short? Because for those 45 seconds or so you are going ALL OUT, at 110%, so that you’re working in the anaerobic zone and creating a huge oxygen debt, which in turn causes you to burn calories long after you’ve stopped working out. Which to meĀ  Is awesome.

What Are The Workouts? Here’s a Snapshot!

What Do you Get in the Package? All This!

What don’t you get? When you shell out the $119.85, you get a whole body transformation package which includes more than just the workouts.

Turbo Fire Workout

First off, you get 10 DVD’s worth of workouts on them, with several of them including extra Stretching workouts to help you keep flexible and reduce soreness. You also get a Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide which goes in depth into the science and reasoning behind the workouts so that you not only know what to do, but why.

You get a Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide which is really amazing, a truly comprehensive look at the nutrition needed to excel at this workout and get all the energy you need while losing weight, as well as resistance bands, a class schedule and a measuring tape. Finally you ALSO get a 5 Day Inferno Plan that helps you kick start your nutrition and weight loss right form the get go. Awesome!

So there you have it! The whole package, the reason I’m doing this madness, and what I hope to get out of this. Watch this site, because I’m going to be going in depth and really igniting my Turbo Fire!

Where Should You Buy It & How Much To Pay?

I got mine at www.extremefitnessresults.com. After a bit of research, it ended being a good deal. Many places offer “low shipping” only to get you with sales taxes and other charges.

Also, Beachbody charges $24.99 for shipping (that’s crazy). And Amazon’s “Free shipping” promise means you pay $144.80 plus tax for something that costs $119.85. I love amazon but I am not willing to pay a $30 premium.


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